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I am Debra Weller, Professional Storyteller, Educator and Professional Development Presenter. I love to coach people to attain their personal goals in public speaking and storytelling. The 40 minute session is designed to assist you in practicing your presentation or story and getting feedback and encouragement. If you would like more time, sign up for the Bonus Session to receive two 40 minute sessions at a discount.

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In the 40 Minute Virtual Coaching Session, you and I will work in collaboration to answer your questions, develop a personalized plan for improvement, and strengthen your presentation or storytelling skills.

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40 Minute Session


Fall/Winter special
  • 40 Minute Virtual Session
  • Time for questions
  • Designated time to practice your story or presentation.
  • Encouraging feedback
  • Develop a plan for improvement
  • Access to Private Facebook Page
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Bonus Session 80


Fall/winter Special

Do you need more than one coaching session?

  • Get two 40 minute sessions.
  • Polish your Presentation!
  • Get personalized feedback and coaching for success!
  • Access to Private Facebook Page


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Do you have any questions?


Which format will we use for the Virtual Coaching?

Either Google Chat or Zoom in a 40 minute format?

How would I need to prepare for the Virtual Coaching Session?

We would communicate  by email to set up the time and date, You would set your goals of what you wanted  to accomplish in the time frame. We will follow a coaching procedure.