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Are you a teacher, librarian, children’s Museum Director, storyteller or Community Youth Program Leader?

I am Debra Weller, Professional Storyteller, Educator and Professional Development Presenter. I am so excited to share my thirty years of experience of working with children to provide quality programming. This fifty minute Mini Course #3, Storytelling Programs for Children, is designed to assist you in creating entertaining and educational programs. Join me now!

This 50 minute Mini Course #3 will guide you through creating a quality storytelling program. I will share my expertise through a slide show with audio. A demonstration video will be included. You can download PDF documents, Planning a Storytelling Presentation, and How to Tell A Story. Sign up now!

Bonus-One Virtual Coaching Session

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Learn how to create Interactive Storytelling programs for children!

Mini Course #3


Mini Course #3 Plan


Winter/Spring special
  • One 50 minute slide show with audio
  • One Demonstration Video
  • PDF-How to Tell a Story
  • PDF-Planning a Story Presentation
  • One Virtual Coaching Session
  • Access to Private Facebook page
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Can I help answer your questions?

Will this course provide details of how to create a storytelling program for families and children?

Yes! I am sharing my knowledge and 30 years of experience with you on how to do live presentations for families and children. I will also include a worksheet which will help you organize your performance goals.

Can I get further instruction of working with families and children?

Yes, you have some options after taking this mini course. I offer a master course, Storytelling in the Classroom which will give you a curriculum and interactive games to do further long term work with children in after school and camp programs.

I can also offer a Virtual Coaching session where i can meet with you online to discuss your program, help you practice a story or help you to set goals.