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Hi, I am Debra Weller, Professional Storyteller, Educator and Professional Development Workshop Presenter. I have a passion for genealogy and discovering family history stories. Do you share that passion?

We are storytellers and personal stories are the stories that we own because they are created from our memories. ¬†By learning a personal story, you have a perfect beginning to becoming a storyteller! Personal Stories can be used in presentations to create connection with the audience. Personal stories are the way we preserve family history. Let’s get started!

In this Mini Course #2, you will have the opportunity to develop your personal storytelling skills. The slide presentation has audio to help you understand all aspects of storytelling and memory story creation. Demonstration videos and PDF documents will also be included.

Bonus-One Virtual Coaching Session

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Learn How to Tell Your Personal Stories!

Preserve precious Family memories!
Mini course #2


Winter/Spring special
  • One 50 minute slide presentation with audio
  • A demonstration video
  • PDF document on How to Tell a Story
  • PDF document on Story Structure
  • One Virtual Coaching Session
  • Access to Private Facebook page
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Let me answer some questions!


Will this course give me an outline for creating my personal stories from memories?

Yes, I will walk you through the process of using photographs, journal entries and interviews with family members to help make your story. You will learn how to create a story with in a story structure.

Can I get extra help to create my story?

Yes, you can sign up for the Virtual Coaching Session on my site. We will meet in a 40 minute online session where I can coach you and answer your questions.