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Overcome your fear of public speaking!

Mini course #1

I am Debra Weller, Storyteller, Educator and Professional Development Presenter. I know what it is like to be fearful of public speaking! Over 80% of the population is fearful of speaking in front of an audience. Are you ready to set that fear aside and learn how to confidently command an audience with the power of storytelling? Storytelling helped me to ease my fears and be a stronger presenter. This fifty minute Mini Course will assist you in making your presentations dynamic!

Bonus- One Virtual Coaching Session so that you may practice your presentation. You also get access to the private Facebook group.

overcome your fear of Public Speaking!

take this Mini course!

Mini Course


Winter/Spring special
  • One 45 Minute slide presentation with audio.
  • One Demonstration Video
  • PDF How to Tell A Story document
  • PDF Storytelling Rubric document
  • One Virtual Coaching Session
  • Access to private Facebook page


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Let me answer some questions!

Will this Mini Course help me to have a better presentation?

This 50 minute Mini course with a supporting video and PDF document can help you to polish a presentation and learn the basics of applying storytelling as a tool. the goal is to build your confidence. For further in depth training, you will want to sign up for  Course#2, Empower Your Presentation With Storytelling.



Can I receive further help after taking this Mini Course?

Yes, I am happy to help you to develop your public speaking skills. You can sign up for a Virtual Coaching Session on my site.